The essence of your organization as seen through the eyes of your recipients, so your donors share in the passion of your mission.



We help you define your organization’s primary messaging. We combine b-roll, dialogue, interviews, and music makes video a uniquely powerful medium—one that can capture imaginations and stir emotions. We understand that nonprofits frequently leverage video to communicate with their supporters and the public.


We provide silent auction and live auction support and event management for nonprofits services for your fundraising event and auction. 
We train and supervise volunteers for registration: check-in/check-out, walk-ins and credit card/data capturing, silent auction closing and pick-up, all live auction and silent auction volunteer positions.


We offer one-on-one, family & team workplace & life coaching, partnering with clients in an enriching, thought-provoking creative process that supports identifying goals and taking action to reach them. Helping clients reach that “aha” moment for transformed lives. We work holistically with individuals for both career and personal development. By seeking to understand all aspects of the person’s life we help create space for personal growth and success.


We work with you every step of the way

We sit down with you to discover and determine what will best resonate with your organizaation’s audiences. We at LLM understand that content is KING and that’s why we work so closely with you to make sure your content does it’s work. We do the work upfront so that the end result is increased awareness, clients and funding.

Perspective is everything. If you can see it from a different point of view you will allow more people to understand the issue, problem and solutions your organization/business is focused on. With perspective we can realize and leverage what you do best, where you’re successful and where you can grow. The intersection of the two is potential and that’s where we come in. We are your answer to attracting new donors. We are the solution to increasing perspective. The difference between perspective makes all the difference. Perception proceeds action.


Sarah manages a very creative film production company, Life Lens Media. She is the chief producer and manages all aspects of production, from scheduling to timeline management, maintaining client relationships and work flow.

She is a very talented professional, smart, capable, and caring. She is someone I have learned to admire and trust. We have worked with her on several projects and she is dependable and reliable. Things get done correctly and on schedule when she is involved. We love working with her and recommend her highly to anyone.

Jim McFarland
St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle

It was a delightful experience to work with Life Lens Media. We were so impressed by their passion and dedication to making sure the finished product was just right. When others might have concluded our film was “good enough,” they continued to refine and enhance until they could deliver a compelling and beautiful video that told our story – and helped us raise important funds.

Lori Mueller
Northwest Children’s Fund

It was a wonderful experience to work with Life Lens Media for Edmonds Center for the Arts’ Fund-a-Need video. Sarah and her team listened to our needs and our ideas to help us create a thoughtful and enticing video for our gala. They came to four events over a two month period to capture footage for the video. They kept a good balance between getting the footage we needed and not getting in the way of the event in question. We were completely blown away with the video when we saw the first draft and only required a few minor edits to feel like it was exactly what we wanted.

With the help of Life Lens Media, the Fund-a-Need at our gala in 2015 raised more funds than it ever has – a $20,000 increase over the previous year!

Amy Stone
Consultant at the Alvord Group

Filming Process

We work closely with clients in the following filming process. We are not only efficient but think big on any budget to create unique videos. LLM Productions are known for their excellence in capturing moments and creating a refreshing perspective.

The filming process is an opportunity to create a deeper connections. We work closely with various aspects of your organization and creating meaningful connections with clients, beneficiaries, donors and staff. In this process of identifying who, what and where will be in the video, your organization is better understood and can therefore shine.

Participant pre-interviews
Identifying key clientele & interviews
Creative Brief
Two in-person brainstorming
sessions,45 minutes each
All scheduling of filming and editing
Scouting of unique locations

Fundraising Services
offered as a package or a la cart
BASIC PACKAGE: the following are included in all packages 
  • Initial discovery meeting
  • Attendance at planning meetings
  • Venue walk through
  • On-site at event for logistics support
  • Summary/Debrief meeting
  • Interview coaching for fundraising videos
  • 3-minute fundraising video
  • Pre-event support
  • Support set-up of event software for website and event.
  • Volunteer management for registration including check-in/check-out, registration along with credit card swipe.
  • Volunteer management of silent auction closing including item pick up/pack up, all data entry and recordinG 
  • Volunteer management for data entry, filing, recording and overall data entry communications before, during and after event. 
  • Auction audit
  • Credit card processing 
  • Support with invoicing, thank you letters and a post event report.