One-on-one coaching to help you
discover your full potential

I am focused on results for YOU.

There’s a deeper knowing that we can tap into when we ask ourselves the right questions and listen to ourselves. I will work with you through this journey so that you can reach all that you aspire to be.

Unlock Your Potential

We don’t get our best work when we’re under pressure. Getting things accomplished requires clarity, courage and a sense of calm. Together, I will support you in your journey towards excellence through a process of discovery and unpacking what is your current reality and where you want to go.


Open Heart + Open Mind + Resilience

Throughout my career I’ve supported and championed people, both youth and adults in discovering their full potential by encouraging the development of their self-confidence, communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills and ability to manage others. I’m a passionate and socially responsible entrepreneur focused on positive change in our world. When we are empowered, we can manifest our heart’s desire. My expertise is in relationship management and resiliency development for both work and life. I’m currently in the Co-Active Coaching program where I train with some of the best coaches in the world.

I work with clients to make powerful, life affirming choices and taking effective action to make those choices a reality. I focus on the whole person and what obstacles are getting in their way of fulfilling their potential. I work with clients in health and wellness, workplace challenges, relationship management and resiliency training so that each person is prepared to manifest their heart’s desire.

we work together to develop your self-confidence, communication skills, interpersonal skills,
leadership skills
and ability to manage others,
1x/wk meeting ($150/hour)
Email support included
in weekly/hourly rate
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Sarah is a very professional, charismatic and relatable coach. She allowed me to look at certain situations from a different standpoint which opened my eyes to many potential growth opportunities!! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some support, guidance and/or direction.

Allie K.
Allie K.

Sarah approaches coaching holistically. She understands the importance of seeing the whole picture of who we are and where we want to go. 

Sandy A.
Sandy A.
Working with Sarah has helped me identify blockers put in place by others or myself.  During my time with her,  we work through these challenges, develop an action plan and ways to push my limits and achieve my goals.
Jenna S.
Jenna S.